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What is the Leadergrow Business Model?

Leadergrow, Inc. provides custom-designed leadership development programs for organizations of all types and sizes. Since the programs are generated for each specific client, they are laser-focused on the needs of that organization. No two programs are alike. We have a process to generate customized programs in only one week.

Is there an easy way to test for the level of trust within an organization?

Yes, we have developed a proprietary instrument that allows leaders to not only test for the level of trust, but it contains diagnostics that will allow leaders to pinpoint areas where more development would produce the highest payoff.

Can leadership be taught effectively, or is that something one is born with?

Studies and practical examples have shown numerous huge leaps in leadership capability after training with Leadergrow. Our methods have been proven in numerous organizations. They work because they are pragmatic yet insightful about how to improve leadership quickly.

Are there other books out there on the topic of E-Body Language?

No. There are many books on some aspects of e-mail improvements, like using proper “netiquette,” but for a systematic treatment on the psychology of what is happening in the mind of the sender and the reader, my book is unique.

Can trust that has been lost be rebuilt over time?

Yes, there are many ways to rebuild trust quickly after a betrayal. Bob Whipple's books are full of ideas on how to do this and how to not allow a small withdrawal of trust to spiral into a huge betrayal.

Do you provide consulting services internationally?

Yes. Leadergrow is a full-service international leadership development corporation.

Does Leadergrow do "training the trainer" activities?

Yes. Leadergrow will provide capability building for trainers in your organization to allow maximum leverage of the content to multiple sites easily. Leadership and trust training that is specifically adapted to your organization can be licensed from Leadergrow.

Does Leadergrow partner with other consulting organizations?

Yes. Leadergrow provides unique services and also has a network of consultants available for specific topics where specialized skills are required.

What is the Value Proposition for Leadergrow?

Leadergrow delivers custom leadership training that builds improved trust, motivation, and performance in any organization. This allows leaders to stretch their resources and still accomplish seemingly impossible goals while enhancing the quality of life for the workforce.

Rather than typical consultants who teach the work of other authors, Bob Whipple draws not only on his extremely strong theoretical base, but also on over 40 years of practical experience as a leader in the profit and not-for-profit sectors.

His ideas are proven in the real world, and over 65% of people who attend his training rate it the best they have taken (34% say “one of the best” and 1% not so much). He is one of the top 15 thought leader consultants in the country and a #1 ranked platinum Leadership author.