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News and Press Releases

Bob Whipple has produced a vast array of written materials and publications, speaks and trains around the world, and has appeared on (and hosted) radio programs. Check the Articles and Audio and Video pages of the Leadergrow website and the Trust Ambassador Blog for examples and quotations. Contact us for more information, permissions for reprint, or to arrange interviews or speaking engagements.

Media Kit

Interview with Alan Ziegler

Bob Whipple guest hosted a Trust Across America program featuring an interview with Alan Ziegler of The Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation. Alan runs the Rochester Business Ethics Award, where organizations have competed for the top award each year since 2002. Learn how, with Alan's leadership, an entire community became much more interested in ethical business practices, and the significant positive impact it had on their bottom lines. This method can be translated easily into other communities.

Also, Bob Whipple discussed tips to maintain trust during a transition, such as a merger or acquisition. This information is from Bob's research for an upcoming book on the topic. Trust usually takes a big hit when organizations restructure, but there are ways to improve the batting average. Bob described some dynamic ways to change the ball game that you may not have considered. These ideas can make a huge difference for any organization contemplating any kind of restructuring.