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Bob Whipple has produced a vast array of written materials and publications, speaks and trains around the world, and has appeared on (and hosted) radio programs. Check the Articles and Audio and Video pages of the Leadergrow website and the Trust Ambassador Blog for examples and quotations. Contact us for more information, permissions for reprint, or to arrange interviews or speaking engagements.

Media Kit

Video: Bob Whipple on “Building Trust: The Key to Your Success” in Denver

March 7, 2017 Bob Whipple addressed 150 professionals on “Building Trust: The Key to Your Success” in Denver, CO, in a program sponsored by the Colorado Chapter of Conscious Capitalism. 

Numerous studies have shown that high trust organizations are between 2-4 times more profitable than low trust groups. Do you know the true level of trust in your organization? High, spotty, awful? How about in your personal life with family and friends, or even trust in yourself?

How can you build trust, especially in challenging times, or if trust has been broken? Learn how to radically increase the trust level within your organization and your relationships from one of the world’s preeminent experts: “The Trust Ambassador,” Bob Whipple, MBA CPLP. 

Watch a video of part of the presentation.