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Surviving the Corporate Jungle

This series of 30 brief (3-minutes) videos highlight different aspects of helping people get along in a work environment. The videos come as a set, and people listen to one each day, at a time of their choosing, for 30 days. There is an action or exercise with each day, as well as a quick evaluation of progress toward mastery. The material augments the points I make in my workshops improving interpersonal relationships. The benefit is that all of the participants in the program would have a fresh reminder of the key skills to help people get along better at work. The 30 day period will assure that people think hard about the promise of how human relations plays a huge role in the work environment.

The regular cost of the program is $100 US per person. If you use the Promo Code “Jungle” you will receive a 70% discount and your cost will be $29.95. That is 30 days of training for about the cost of a single dinner. To experience the quality and style of the program, go to https://app.avanoo.com/first3/528 . Just click on the link and follow the instructions. There is no obligation or sign up needed.