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Bob Whipple speaks from experience and from the heart. His programs focus on core areas of Trust, Leadership Development, and Online Communication. Bob is a highly entertaining speaker with a style that keeps audiences engaged because they actually become part of the program. Interspersed with the wit, practical ideas, and magic illusions, his programs are lively and fun for audiences. While the points are serious, his speeches are never heavy or stilted. They are highly interactive. He is a member of the National Speakers Association and is an accredited Vistage Speaker.

Bob Whipple (AKA “The TRUST  Ambassador”) has developed a new keynote speech for establishing trust when meeting new people entitled, “Planting the Seeds of Trust – 12 Tips for the Critical First 10 Seconds.”  He also does a four-hour seminar on the same topic, which includes numerous body language skills. Video Introduction.

Download 12 Tips for the First 10 Seconds (.pdf 499K) This link shows the take-home laminated card given to each person at these events.

Sample Topics:

  1. Trust in Transition (.pdf 42K) - building trust during restructuring
  2. Planting the Seeds of Trust in the Critical First 10 Seconds
  3. Trust and Transparency -3 Programs Available:
    Trust and Transparency Keynote (.pdf 150K) 
    Half Day Trust and Transparency Seminar (.pdf 224K)
    Full Day Trust and Transparency Seminar (.pdf 129K)
  4. Understanding E-Body Language: Building Trust Online - A Critical Skill.  E-Body Language Keynote Abstract (.pdf 70K)
  5. Great Leaders Develop Trust, Even in Most Challenging Times Trust Seminar Brochure (.pdf 2741K)
  6. Teach Leaders How to Avoid Playing the "Whack-a-Mole" Game (.pdf 184K)
  7. Leading Effective Change in Turbulent Times
  8. Don't Miss the Power of Good Reinforcement
  9. Good Plans are Better than Eating Jerky
  10. The Critical Difference Between Ethics and Morals
  11. Don't Just Accept Your Style- Manage It!
  12. Mean It When You Say, "Our Employees Are Our Most Important Asset"
  13. Understanding and Mastering Organizational Politics
  14. Why Are Your Employees Depressed?
  15. Why Teams Struggle- And How to Prevent It
  16. Reduce Rumors in Your Organization by 70%
  17. How to Make Wonderful Mistakes: Capture Golden Opportunities
  18. Avoid Dangerous Traps When Using Data
  19. Is TQM Dead or Only Hibernating?
  20. The Traps of "Lean Thinking" and How to Avoid Them
  21. Good Communication is at the Gut Level- Not the Head Level
  22. Who is Your Worst Critic? Changing Your Self-talk is Easier Than You Think


Bob Whipple, One Sheet (.pdf 296K)

Bob Whipple Bio, 2014 (.pdf 181K)

Bob Whipple, Leadergrow Endorsements (.pdf 131K)



Bob also does custom speaking at the request of groups with a specific topic. services include keynotes, workshops, seminars, and longer or ongoing events.

Normal Bookings

Normal bookings are taken 3-8 months in advance. Shorter time commitments can be negotiated, based on a "first come, first serve" basis. Regular bookings are limited to 80% of available calendar time to allow for specific local requests and critical backfill situations. For best time availability, make arrangements well in advance.

Emergency Backfill Provisions

Emergency substitute engagements can be negotiated with a 30% fee premium if the schedule can accommodate them. Premium last minute travel fees may be required.

Series Items

For groups requesting a series of events, schedule time will be given priority of available bookings.