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Ken Blanchard"Great leaders know that trusting relationships are the cornerstone of a successful organization. In Leading with Trust is like Sailing Downwind, Bob Whipple focuses on the importance of creating and building trust within your company-more critical than ever in today's turbulent business climate. Read this book today and you'll be applying it tomorrow."

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level



 Stephen M. R. Covey"An exceptional ambassador of trust, Bob Whipple helps build great leaders. Leading With Trust Is Like Sailing Downwind highlights the simple but profound truth that trust is the driving force behind good leadership, and an invaluable performance multiplier for organizations. Whipple expertly empowers you to build a winning crew and puts the tiller in your hand. Well done!"

Stephen M. R. Covey, author of the New York Times best seller The Speed of Trust



Jordan KimmelBob Whipple is one of the clearest thinkers I have come across in the trust profession. I have read over a dozen books on trust over the last year and suggest this book to anyone interested in this important subject. Any time I "dog ear" several quotes and learn something new- my reading time was well spent. Whipple has a unique take on what it takes to be trusted in a relationship- his concept of "reinforcing candor" is something that we should all embrace. A clear and an important read...

Jordan Kimmel - Co-founder of “Trust Across America”



Tim HayesWhen it comes to understanding the value and strategic importance of trust in the business world, Bob Whipple is without peer. He demonstrates this once again with his latest book, Leading with Trust is Like Sailing Downwind. Using practical examples to back up his concepts, Whipple brings what could be a watery, vague notion into sharp focus with urgency and immediacy. Readers come away with pragmatic, instantly implementable tactics based on trust that lead to real and profitable outcomes. Plus, it's just a fun read.

Tim Hayes, The Leadership Communication Expert™



Lynn SullivanWe were delighted to work with Bob Whipple, The Trust Ambassador.  With Bob’s help and guidance, we were able to have a huge impact on the culture of our group.   Within one year, “Trust” became the #1 STRENGTH of our organization.  Bob was also instrumental in the creation of our strategic plan, which kept our goals visible and resulted in numerous accomplishments by the team.   This year, for the first time in the organization’s history, the entire team was involved in the creation of our strategic plan.   I would highly recommend Bob’s services to any organization.   Bob is easy to work with and facilitates group work with expert results.

Lynn A. Sullivan, President & Chief Executive Officer, Volunteers of America of Upstate NY


Bob Vanourek, Triple Crown LeadershipBusiness, Life, and leadership are all about transitions. Bob Whipple’s Trust in Transition is your compass and sextant to navigate these stormy seas successfully. His easy-going style, humor, and friendliness put people at ease, so they are open, receptive, and even eager to change their behaviors. A master at his work.

Bob Vanourek, CoAuthor: Triple Crown Leadership


Amazon Testimonials

Two years ago, a friend urged me to read Lee Iacocca's book, Where Have All the Leaders Gone. Although I liked it, BobWhipple more forcefully emphasizes that leadership languishes at all levels of American society. If it is bad at the top, it is just as bad at the bottom. Simply, Whipple's approach is practical rather than theoretical; leadership needs constant nuturing. What can every organization do to improve its leadership ranks, and what can WE do to improve ourselves?

Best of all, Whipple, like Iacocca, is experienced and believable. Twenty years ago, Whipple headed the Kodachrome film division at Eastman Kodak--then with more than 2,000 employees. In other words, he has been in the front lines of a major American corporation producing a product the world has known and loved. However, unlike Lee Iacocca, he keeps most of that to himself. This book is not about Robert Whipple. Whipple rather wants us to understand that even the janitor can and should "succeed."

I admit I was surprised to find that a book already with 16 reviews has an Amazon sales rank above 4 million. Then again, my copy was not purchased at Amazon, either. Rather, I came to these pages seeking insight into the thoughts of other readers. With the exception of one idiot who didn't even bother to read the book, I was impressed by the reinforcement those readers offered. Is this book then on the verge of "breaking out," as my own publisher likes to say? It most certainly has that quality. Rarely have I better understood why so many institutions keep failing the American public (Obamacare, anyone?). Leadership is about remaining honest rather than shoving the truth under the rug. In the final analysis, Whipple is telling us exactly that. We can never have the country we want by constantly evading the consequences of our actions. Finger-pointing is never leadership. He has my vote and is deserving of yours.

Alfred Runte, Seattle, WA