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Bob's passion is growing leaders. He is at his best when working with a group of professionals to enhance their understanding and practice of great leadership. Bob works with corporate and government groups as well as academic graduate and undergraduate classes to share his wisdom and wit about how to thrive and grow in personal leadership.

Working with the clients he molds a customized course based on customer requirements and questionnaire results. Particularly useful are the differing opinions at various levels in an organization. These differences are clues to areas that need to be addressed.

Bob Teaches a Leadership for Managers course three times a year at the Rochester Business Alliance. The course runs for five consecutive Friday mornings from 8:30 to 12:30. It is aimed at all leader positions from supervisor to CEO.  The course is highly acclaimed with most participants rating it one of the best courses they have ever taken.  For more information on the course and to identify the next scheduled event, call Michele Hefferon at 585-256-4614.

This is a general survey leadership course for senior leaders, managers, supervisors, group leaders and high potential professionals. The topics and training create a much higher caliber of leader.

Standard Layout of Leadership Course

Session 1 - Leadership, Motivation, and Culture

  1. Group brainstorm and discussion on the nature of success
  2. Key learning from Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale
  3. 10-Minute Self Evaluation
  4. High level perspective on leadership
  5. Lou Holtz DVD - Do Right
  6. Theory from Maslow and Herzberg on motivation
  7. Self motivation exerciseAvoiding the leadership whack-a-mole syndrome

Session 2 - Leadership and Building Trust

  1. The myths about trust
  2. Sharing data on worldwide trends in trust
  3. Defining the nature of trust and how it governs all aspects of a business
  4. Measuring current trust level in the organization
  5. Discussion of types of trust and things that impact it
  6. Appreciative inquiry - what is already working well
  7. DVD Coach Krzyzewski on the power of good values
  8. The Leadergrow Trust model and technology on building trust
  9. Trust builders and trust busters
  10. Data on the link between trust and financial performance
  11. Trust and accountability
  12. Healing a breach of trust
  13. Role play on trust compromised
  14. Trust during a merger, acquisition, or other major transition

Session 3 - Communication and People Skills

  1. Emotional Intelligence - the key to good leadership
  2. Personality tests - DiSC, Myers Briggs or others, as desired - uses and misuses
  3. Organizational politics
  4. Conflict management and resolution
  5. Dealing with personality disorders (bullies, narcissists, passive, etc.)
  6. Difficult employees role play
  7. DVD  Lou Holtz - Do Right II
  8. VAC model - Improving the connectedness with people
  9. Improving online communication (e-mail) - eliminate numerous problems
  10. Reflective Listening
  11. Understanding Body Language
  12. Rumor control
  13. Improving meeting effectiveness
  14. Stress reduction
  15. Teamwork exercise

Session 4 - Organizational and Corporate Skills

  1. Building a great Strategic Framework
  2. Values, Vision, Mission
  3. Exercise on great visions
  4. Increasing customer focus
  5. SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  6. Managing Behaviors
  7. DVD Mark Gungor - Gender differences in communication
  8. Developing an excellent strategy
  9. Enrolling People
  10. Common Management Traps in using data (with role play)

Session 5 - Integrating Work and Your Life

  1. Managing Change
  2. 9 step model to successful change initiatives
  3. Theory from Good to Great - Window/ mirror analogy etc.
  4. DVD on Level 5 Leadership - John Chambers
  5. Negotiation skills
  6. Mentoring - the power and the precautions
  7. Training your Brain to think differently
  8. Improving utilization of time
  9. Plotting the future with accuracy
  10. Tips about money
  11. Obtaining a balance in life
  12. Giving back

Bob's systems approach leads to fast turn-around time on producing classes laser focused on the need with flexible timing to suit your situation.

Bob Whipple has over 100 content areas with a "core" of applicable materials available. Contact Bob Whipple for information about his Content Area Survey.

Bob Whipple has presented and taught Leadership and Business topics at several undergraduate and graduate universities as well as community training forums. Among them are:

Harvard Business School – Keynote at SVMP Alumni Dinner 2004
Syracuse University – College of Engineering and Computer Science
Syracuse University College of Information Technology
Roberts Wesleyan College Pathway and Organizational Management Programs
Roberts Wesleyan College MS in Strategic Leadership Program
University of Phoenix Online – Numerous courses
Saint John Fisher College – School of Organizational Learning and Human Development
Nazareth College
Monroe Community College
Broome Community College
Rochester Institute of Technology
University at Buffalo
Aquinas Institute – Programs for Faculty and Staff on Change and Customer Service
Rochester Business Alliance
Western New York Training Council